Trust – Simplicity Durability

The Ammoback system is used to improve the logistics and effectiveness of operators. By moving current ammunition carry systems from pouches, pockets and belts on the operators chest or waist to the back, the operator is able to do a number of innovative things. He is able to free up valuable space on the chest for better tactical movement flexibility. This also allows the accommodation of other gear or equipment. By reaching to the same location for fresh magazines, he is able to acquire muscle memory to simplify and speed up the reload sequence. He is no longer needing to try to remember which pouch or pocket where his reload magazine is located. He also does not need to take his attention or his eyes off the target sight plane and by doing so can keep his attention focused on targets down range. He is also able to carry more ready use magazines. Rather than stress about ammunition logistics in a dangerous situation, the Ammoback represents a paradigm shift – a real game changer in how ammunition is carried, dispensed and managed.


When every moment counts the Ammoback saves you vital seconds in reloading. There is no longer any need to work buttons or straps on pockets or pouches or to remember which pocket or pouch holds a viable magazine. With an up to 50% faster reload cycle, operators are able to better execute fire and movement routines. There are smaller gaps in generated volume of fire and therefore operators are safer and more effective during shooting engagements.


Magazines are not exposed to contamination with mud or dirt as they are now carried in the Ammoback system and supplied from the back of the operator. With a clean supply of ammunition, there is less likelihood of an operators firearm becoming soiled or fouled by dirt or debris.


The Ammoback can allow the operator to carry 2 to 3 times the current ammunition load out and have it all easily accessible. You can never have too much ammunition at hand in a time of danger.


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Trust – Simplicity Durability

Trust .
Simplicity .
Durability Rated for 4 to 10 thousand cycles

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